New Blog – New Logo

Huh? What’s going on here?

Let me introduce you to Le Chat Sur La Banquette or “LCSLB”. So, welcome to a brand new travel blog! And also, this website just got a brand new logo …

This website is in the first place a very personal project. For the next months I want to let the world know that the city centre of Paris might be legendary – but the Suburbs in the vibrating north of the city of lights are so full of underground arts, amazing people and beautiful places: they deserve to be presented in a special way. Clichy, Saint-Ouen and their neighbours need to be discovered and presented – by you!

Yep! By you.
You can publish your story here, too.

Next to my stories, this blog shall also offer the space to share your own posts. Anyone can apply to join the team and write regularly – or you just offer the content or history behind a post that will be published under you name. Want to join in? Just get in touch by e-mail.

About Le Chat Blog

Even if I’m publishing as the founder of the blog and as the author of this very first post, I don’t want to be the person of interest here. But still, here’s a little update about what I represent: I am a freelance journalist who just can’t hold back to tell stories about culture. In doing so, I decided to start this 6-month blogging project. As I graduated not only in journalism but also in philosophy, I really like to communicate and now, want to share a maximum of thoughts and emotions with the public.
It won’t be only up-to-date content published on this page. This blog will also memorise all the beautiful moments I experienced in the so called “Banlieues” of Paris.

(Écoquartier – Les Docks De Saint-Ouen / Skatepark  by Sinah Vonderweiden)

Join in!

Any input, content and feedback is welcome. Just write an e-mail with your idea of the post and I will get back to you. Subscribe to the newsletter and LCSLB will keep you updated about the little treasures out of the hood.

Come, wonder and wander with me…

New blog, new Logo

As this is my first lifestyle and travel Blog, I absolutely wanted a fancy and unique logo… and of course it needs to include a kitty. But as I am no graphic designer, I simply used a Creative Common in form of a cat. Now this page is ready to explore the world out of northern Paris, right? You will find the cat in the window ledge in plenty different colours on social media, too. 

Find more information concerning the Logo in the legal notice:
ICYMI: We are multilingual! 🇫🇷 🇩🇪 🇬🇧




🐦 (@LeChatBlog)


#LCSLB #LeChatBlog #Paris

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