LCSLB: Crowdfunding-Campaign starts today // Click here!

If you’re surfing on LCSLB no commercials will disturb you and you will find real stories and locations behind the posts. To finance all this, I need “a little help from my friends” – as already The Beatles called it.

So check out my tiny Crowdfunding-Project on Startnext:

Until the 10th Septembre 2016 you can pass a little donation to support my project!

Watch Video on Youtube

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I want to adress to readers of all ages, but the main focus will be put on young lifestyle. Any input and content from people willing to participate is welcome. Just write an e-mail with your idea and LCSLB will get back to you. Subscribe to the newsletter and LCSLB will keep you updated about the little treasures of North-Paris.

I am a freelance journalist who just can’t hold back to tell stories about culture. In doing so, I decided to start this 6-month blogging project. As I graduated not only in journalism but also in philosophy, I really like to communicate and now, want to share a maximum of thoughts and emotions with the public.
It won’t be only up-to-date content published on this page. This blog will also memorise all the beautiful moments I experienced in the so called “Banlieues” of Paris.
Also, I invite everyone to join my team: as a blogger, photographer or just as someone who wants to share a hint about the area.

Click and fund me! ♡



[Liebe deutschsprachige Freunde und Leser dieses kleinen Blogs! Wenn euch gefällt was ihr seht und ihr noch mehr davon wollt, dann unterstützt mein Mini-Crowndfunding-Projekt bei Startnext:]

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