A “Cactus Doctor” in Clichy: Cactus and Succulentes for the REAL parisian Lifestyle!

Parisians are always up to date and one trending lifestyle here exists already for a long time: decorating your home with plants. Today would that be a nice choice of catus and sukkulents – if you have a luminous apartment.

The “cactus doctor” of Clichy also has loads of beautiful sukkulents and cactus, which want to move in your home. Everyone just loves this trending interior or exterior decoration. It simply creates a beautiful ambience.

In the North of Paris my favourite boutique for this decoration is Tropiquantes – Cactus et succulentes. Customers can bring their plants, if thery’re in bad shape. They get a short explanation how to treat the patient best, or can even leave them there. So no more worries about your sukkulents when you are planning to go on a long holiday. Also, people get to know the needs of their plants and get  some good advice to make the flourish.

L’image contient peut-être : plante et nourriture
Tropiquantes – Cactus et succulentes

The cactus doctor says: “AgrĂ©able au retour du we et ce n’est que le dĂ©but il y a encore une vingtaine de boutons floraux qui s’impatientent…”

4 rue Gaston Paymal
92110 Clichy
Metro: Mairie de Clichy

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