French Lifestyle: Time to “Apéro”!


In Germany it’s called “Aperitif” and in Britain they say “peg” or “appetiser”. This ritual is usually held before a chic dinner or on special occasions. In France, however, it is an obligatory and always popular social event: the apéritif, or briefly “l’Apéro”.

The french version of the traditional appetiser is more than a quick snack. It’s a social ubiquity. An aperitif is quite a popular social practice all over Europe. But in France it’s much more popular. And addition to France, the broad tradition of apéro is also quite common in Switzerland. Here, pleasure and conviviality are happily combined.

The invitation to an apéro means that you are expected to have a good glass at around 7pm. Just to sit and chat a little together. Usually, small appetizers like olives, dried sausages, oysters, chips, nuts or other light meals are served.

Everyone can invite someone to have an apéro together. For example, if one would like to propose an unconstrained and relaxed get-together. Whoever invites is responsible to provide the basis of drinks and snacks. But guests should also bring a little something. During summer that would be a bottle of rosé wine.

When it comes to get-togethers during holiday time or vacations: The Frenchies will love you for inviting them to relax on the beach altogether and watch the sundown in combination with a picnic, or to hang out in a small bar for a bite to eat. Apéro, vacation style.


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